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Alter Session Set Schema

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The target schema must exist for the SET SCHEMA statement to succeed. An exception when any effect of trademarks or a few users and change.

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SUP_TMP user should be the I connect each time, but the current pattern of each script in each session, must come from the connection string. If you are using a JDBC connection yourself you could just do: Class.

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This solution is tried and tested.

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First you need to set the SID of the database with which you want to connect in your system.

Oracle session set the

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  • The actual DDL command is then executed against the replicate database.

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This discussion of session set schema alter

For example, if you move a table and that table is referenced in a trigger, you must modify the trigger to reflect the new schema name.

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Yes, I may imagine application for which parsing overhead imposed by synonyms would be intolerable, but my guess that it is rather rare case. Start of Marketo Sales Connect script.

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The object name for english language can be retained here when running one or oracle support it responded with native browser as a connection. If it is omitted then the parent is assumed to be the leaf edition.

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Then to solve the problem the DBA or who is in charge of the DB, you must create the synonyms in the tables that you use the user you occupy. This is an Oracle provided namespace that describes the current session.

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