Toxic: How an Unhealthy Culture Can Kill Your Organization How would you characterize the culture of your organization or team? In this episode of Leading Well, Jeremy Couch discusses the importance of organizational culture and explains what a toxic culture looks like. He identifies the signs to look out for and then contrasts the detrimental effects of a toxic culture with the positive… Read More

You Bring Out the Best in Others Through Coaching, Not Dictating

What do all sports teams have in common? Whether it’s a high school, college, or professional team, they all have a coach. And while a coach handles a wide array of functions, the most important thing that a coach can do is to help each member of the team realize their full potential. It’s not… Read More

Thoughts on Servant Leadership from an NFL Head Coach

Recently, I was preparing for a talk on servant leadership, and I was looking for some videos that would help drive home the points I was highlighting. Upon searching for short but substantive clips, I came across this video of Baltimore Ravens head coach John Harbaugh speaking on servant leadership. This was the first time… Read More