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The Transformative Power of Servant Leadership

https://www.podbean.com/media/share/pb-8wujv-b2c8c1 In this episode of the podcast, Jeremy Couch discusses the power of servant leadership to transform people and organizations, and he outlines some of the key behaviors of servant leaders. Jeremy shares part two of his talk at the 2019 Servant Leadership Conference at Palm Beach Atlantic University.

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The “Leadership Is Not” Series

I recently completed a series of posts that focused on highlighting what leadership is not, while also explaining what true leadership is and how great leaders demonstrate these qualities. Too many people have a misconception about leadership, so I believe it’s vital to dispel some of these leadership myths and get down to the basics of what actually makes a

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Leadership Is Not About Being Served

Here is a question to consider … what do you think would happen if you considered yourself the “Chief Servant Officer” of your organization instead of your current title? Imagine how this perspective might impact the way you view your team and your role. Thinking of yourself as a servant first changes not only how you think and act, but

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