Leading Yourself Part IV: Self-Discipline

The last, but probably most important, step in the self-leadership development process is self-discipline. Why is this part so important? Because without discipline you will lose the focus and motivation necessary to continue pursuing what you set out to do in the first place—become a better leader. Who likes discipline? No normal person does. But… Read More

Simple Three-Step Model for Performance Improvement

Most of us, no matter who we are or what we do, desire to see improvement and growth in some area of our life. However, what we do not usually desire is the work that is often required to improve our performance. Why is this? Because work is hard, and personal growth usually involves doing… Read More

Are You Leading By Example?

Leadership is about influencing others toward the achievement of a common goal and a shared vision. It is about impacting people and making a positive difference. Leadership is not about occupying some lofty position and telling people what to do. It is not about accumulating and wielding power. It is not about you—it is about… Read More