How Will You Lead This Year?

Every new year presents an opportunity for you as a leader to reflect on the past year and evaluate what you accomplished, how you’ve grown, and who you’ve influenced. But more importantly, it’s an opportunity to renew your commitment to being a leader who makes a positive difference in the lives of other people. So… Read More

Four Keys to Cultivating a Healthy Culture

Whether leading a business, non-profit organization, school, church, or any other organization, leaders are responsible for the quality of the work environment. They can either create an environment that is healthy—one where people trust one another and work together to achieve a common goal. Or, they can allow the environment to become toxic—full of mistrust,… Read More

Highlights from Day One of the 2014 Global Leadership Summit

Every year I attend the Willow Creek Association’s Global Leadership Summit, which takes place over two days in August and is simulcast all over North America. It is simply the best, most substantive leadership conference I’ve ever attended. I always walk away from this event having captured a number of profound insights and key action… Read More

The Power of Positive Turnover

The idea that turnover could ever be a positive thing might come as a surprise to you, but trust me–there is such a thing as positive turnover. You see, there are people whose very presence on a team is inhibiting the performance and productivity of other team members. Furthermore, their attitude and inability to work… Read More