Leading Yourself Part III: Self-Improvement

“Everyone wins when a leader gets better.” –Bill Hybels I’ve always loved this quote because it highlights the importance of leaders taking the time to get better. To look at themselves first.  To improve. To grow. And when they do, other people get better, teams become stronger, and organizations become more effective. This should be… Read More

How Will You Lead This Year?

Every new year presents an opportunity for you as a leader to reflect on the past year and evaluate what you accomplished, how you’ve grown, and who you’ve influenced. But more importantly, it’s an opportunity to renew your commitment to being a leader who makes a positive difference in the lives of other people. So… Read More

Servant Leaders Are Courageous

I believe that in order to be a true servant leader, you must demonstrate courage in the way that you lead yourself and others. In my most recent post for Lead Like Jesus, I discuss this concept and explain why it is so essential for effective leadership in any setting. You can read my latest… Read More

Servant Leaders Inspire & Transform

This month I am guest-blogging for Lead Like Jesus on the seven distinct behaviors that servant leaders demonstrate on a consistent basis. My first post on the importance of servant leadership can be read at the Lead Like Jesus blog. Take a moment to check it out and let me know what you think. Read… Read More