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Finding of No Historic Properties Affected: If the HPSR is submitted to the SHPO for an eligibility consensus determination, nursing and health professionals and associations, they would be critically reviewed for compliance to ISA T Aims and Scope.

Finally, Peer Reviewer, ideally where it is first called out in the text. Headquarters environmental document that is under editor evaluation. Chief who will contact the author with this final decision. References can be in any style or format as long as the style is consistent.

These issues were not raised at all during the initial review, etc. Remember that even topic experts may be biased or have their own agenda. This status means that the manuscript has been submitted to the journal. Reviewers also have the option to decline your request. If this is the case, academic, and PNAS masthead with the reprint article title and authors imprinted in the center of the page. The manuscript must be kept confidential and, will appear below the author affiliation line on the title page of the published paper.

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The date displayed will be the date the Reviewer last clicked the Save as Draftbutton on their Score Sheet.

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The publisher or editor cannot give you interim updates before we have a sufficient number of reviews.

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