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Testimony Meaning In Greek

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Witness n Old English witnes attestation of fact event etc from personal knowledge also one who so testifies originally knowledge wit formed from wit n ness Christian use late 14c is as a literal translation of Greek martys see martyr.

How do I find out which Greek word is lurking behind my English text. The Septuagint translation of the Hebrew Scriptures into Greek BC 20-150. But it's lifted right out of the Greek word the New Testament uses for. By contacting Sandra Clements atsachclaolcom For Sandra's testimony.

Of course the traditions and the fathers were giving different meaning to. Are technically called gymnosperm the ancient Greek word for naked seed. God could not become man due to their belief from Greek philosophy that. Greek martyria had a broader meaning referring simply to testimony. Strongs's 3140 martureo GreekHebrew Definitions Bible. GIFKG-Testimony Hebrew vocabulary Learn hebrew Words. The references to the souls in Revelation 69 and 204. The Faithful and True Witness Perspective Digest. How do you receive Christ What does John 112 mean.

Testimony definition the statement or declaration of a witness under oath or affirmation usually in court See more.

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Hebrew RootsThe LawIntroduction Wikibooks open books. Follow On Twitter Witness 3144 MARTUR MARTUS 35 a witness In the FCM. How can you the meaning in greek? Strong's Greek 3144 martus - a witness.

Testimony Wiktionary.

Definition testimony NASB Translation reputation 1 testimony 30 witness 1 Thayer's Greek Lexicon.

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