Strategic Planning Simplified: How to Create a Strategic Roadmap by Answering Seven Essential Questions

Confused or uncertain about strategic planning? Not sure where to begin?

Strategic planning is an essential process for leaders and managers to implement, but it can often be challenging and overwhelming. This course is designed to simplify the strategic planning process by providing you with a framework for developing a clear and concise strategic plan based on seven key questions. Answering these essential questions will help you build your own strategic roadmap for success, which will serve as a guide for your priorities, decisions, and resource allocation.

The following key areas will be covered in this course:

  • Purpose, Mission, Values
  • Developing a Vision
  • Conducting a Situation Analysis
  • Creating Strategic Themes
  • Establishing Goals & Objectives
  • Identifying Success Indicators
  • Creating an Action Plan

Through a series of short and engaging lectures, Dr. Jeremy Couch will walk you through each component of the strategic roadmap process and explain how to develop a plan that is practical and actionable. After completing this course, you will be more confident about engaging in the strategic planning process.

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