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Tip For Leading Well: Renew Your Vision

I’m currently teaching an undergraduate class on Organizational Leadership, and one of the key topics we recently discussed was vision. This is one of those words and concepts that evokes various emotions, with many people getting excited about the idea of vision and others thinking, “Oh no, here we go again with the vision talk.” The reality is, vision is

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Why Your Church Needs a Compelling Vision

Vision can be a powerful force for any organization, inspiring people to collectively band together by using their gifts and talents to achieve something great–something bigger than any individual could ever achieve alone. I especially believe that vision can be transformative for churches, where the overarching purpose is (or at least should be) to transform lives and communities. Here is

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The Innovation Imperative: Are You Talking or Doing?

One of the most frustrating things I see leaders do is to preach innovation within their organization but not back it up with any action. Everyone likes to talk about the importance of innovation, but few act upon it. Innovation can only happen when leaders create an environment where people are encouraged and allowed to innovate. It has to become

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