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Tip For Leading Well: Be Constructive, Not Critical

When you lead others, one of the greatest challenges you will face is keeping yourself from becoming critical. Leaders expect a lot from people (as they should), and when those expectations are not met, they can quickly become cynical. At first it might happen only occasionally, but over time cynicism sets in and it becomes a habit. Eventually, cynicism leads

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11 Quotes To Help You Lead Well In 2017

Need some inspiration and motivation for improving your leadership this year? I find that quotes are an effective means of communicating important and meaningful insights in a concise and focused manner, so one of the things I like to do is write down quotes on index cards and then look at a different one every day. Then I try to

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Leaders Are People Too

Leadership can often be very fulfilling and rewarding. It provides a unique, and sometimes rare, opportunity to help individuals, teams, and organizations realize their full potential while achieving something of meaning and lasting significance. This is the appealing side of leadership. But on the flip side, leadership can also be very draining on an emotional, relational, and physical level. People

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