Tip For Leading Well: Conduct A Humility Check

If you really want to lead others well, then you need to take a moment to conduct a humility check. What’s that? It’s an intentional evaluation of your heart and motives in order to determine if your leadership is all about you, or if it’s about others. If it’s all about you (self-serving), then I… Read More

11 Quotes To Help You Lead Well In 2017

Need some inspiration and motivation for improving your leadership this year? I find that quotes are an effective means of communicating important and meaningful insights in a concise and focused manner, so one of the things I like to do is write down quotes on index cards and then look at a different one every… Read More

Book Review: 15 Secrets Successful People Know About Time Management

Need help managing your time more effectively? Well, join the club! The reality is, we all struggle with managing and navigating all of the tasks and competing priorities that we encounter on a daily basis. I know I do. Lately it has become such a challenge for me that I started researching some books that… Read More