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Zelda Breath Of The Wild Guide Review

The bows and arrows are a good way to snipe from a distance before taking out enemies. To do this, Link must travel across the kingdom, unlocking its secrets and his memories. This is how open world games should work. But those will be missing the point. Of course there is some complexity to it. For those struggling to navigate the new world, there is a solution.

  • Il y aura donc bien un Zelda au lancement de la Switch.
  • Ocarina of Time look like a masterpiece.
  • Yes, there are some minor gripes with the game.
  • There are significantly fewer dungeons this time around, but each one feels like a significantly bigger challenge that can take a while to complete.
  • Breath of the Wild has that few other games can really capture.
  • The viral Apocalypse just got a little more cheerful.
  • That said, it may not be for everyone.
  • One of those games that you have to play.

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How to Get the Master Sword!
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Nice guide and very helpful.

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Therefore, Breath of the Wild has become what I consider to be the greatest game I have ever played.

* Some very high highs but still has some really mediocre lows.