“Jeremy Couch is the consummate team player who is always looking at ways to benefit others. He has a great gift of being able to see the long-term implications of plans and strategies. That’s why when I was asked to assume the role of President/CEO for the Central Florida Christian Chamber of Commerce, Jeremy was one of the first people I asked to serve on our advisory board.”
Mark J. Goldstein
President/CEO, Central Florida Christian Chamber of Commerce

“Jeremy is a conscientious leader who is committed to the building up of other people’s potential and success, either in the classroom as a professor or in the marketplace as a community leader and strategic partner.”
Eddy Moratin
Executive Director, LIFT Orlando

“I highly recommend Dr. Jeremy Couch to any church in need of a ministry leadership coach and consultant. Jeremy facilitated a one-day church development offsite for our church leadership team. His wise insights, inputs, and contributions helped our key leaders at Spirit of Faith Orlando develop a clearer roadmap to fulfill our vision, mission, goals, and objectives for 2018 and better position our church for success in the future. Jeremy is a true servant leader with the knowledge and passion to help churches improve their effectiveness and efficiency.
Darryl Smith
Senior Pastor, Spirit of Faith Outreach Ministries Orlando

“Jeremy is the rare individual who balances both strategic and tactical thinking. He sees the big picture as well as the details and potential for unintended consequences. As a result, his decisions are well informed and timely. As a leader, Jeremy enjoys the respect and affection of his subordinates, peers, and superiors. He is a driving force for goal attainment and challenges all around him to perform at the highest level. Jeremy is tireless in his personal pursuit of excellence, and inspires those who know him to grow and achieve.”
Don Jones
Assistant VP of Adult & Graduate Admission & Student Services, Belhaven University

“Jeremy is a highly talented leader and motivator. He models true professionalism with a healthy dose of humor and common sense. I’ve witnessed first-hand Jeremy’s ability to connect with people, helping them design goals and achieve success.”
Joe McLeod
Co-Founder, McLeod Communications

“Jeremy Couch is a servant leader who encourages those around him to give their very best. He has the gift of hospitality as he reaches out to the community of Central Florida to make it a better place.”
Catherine Poole
President, Poole & Associates

“Jeremy is a passionate, inspiring, empowering leader who serves his constituents with humility and excellence. He is man of integrity with a work ethic that is sure to encourage and equip the people he influences for success at life and work.”
David Outing
Chief Spiritual Officer, Corporate Care Partners

“Riveting is a word to describe my experience as an attendee at one of Jeremy’s presentations on servant leadership. I was not only inspired but I was motivated and excited about implementing the leadership techniques he shared. I highly recommend Jeremy to any organization in search of a dynamic, riveting presenter and trainer.”
Cynthia Blackwell
Founder & CEO, BlackRain Partners