How Leaders and Coaches Can Help Others Achieve Breakthrough Results

As leaders, one of the great challenges we often face is how to get more out of our people. How to help them realize their full potential, and how to get them to see that they are capable of more. It’s frustrating when people leave some of their potential on the table, but it’s very rewarding as a leader to see the people you lead becoming their best.

I recently interviewed Joby Slay on the Insights for Leading podcast to discuss his new book, Get More for Coaches: Empower Your Athletes to Do More, Be More, and Get More Out of Their Talents and Potential. In our interview, we discuss the concept of his “Get More” formula for achieving breakthrough results. Joby is a very successful soccer coach at The King’s Academy in West Palm Beach, FL and he is also a highly successful real estate professional. He knows how to get results and how to bring out the best in others.

If you lead people and desire to help them become better, whether it’s in business or sports, you will learn a lot from Joby’s book and the insights he shares through the Get More formula. You can listen HERE or watch the interview below:

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Written by Jeremy Couch

Jeremy Couch is a Leadership Architect who helps leaders build thriving cultures. Most recently, he served as Executive Director for Palm Beach Atlantic University-Orlando and an Assistant Professor of Leadership. He is passionate about teaching, writing, consulting, and speaking on topics related to leadership development and organizational health.

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