Tips and Tools for Improving Your Mental Toughness and Emotional Fitness

Today we’re in the midst of a time of uncertainty that is hard to comprehend, and it is having a dramatic impact on the mental and emotional health of many people. Understandably so. Circumstances like this can easily send us spiraling downward if we are not mentally tough and emotionally fit.

In my most recent episode of the Insights for Leading podcast, I interviewed Dr. Jenny Susser, a sport and performance psychologist who specializes in the area of performance training. She has extensive experience working with professional teams and Fortune 500 companies to help them improve their performance in all areas.

In our interview, we talk about performance in a number of areas, including mental toughness and emotional fitness. Dr. Susser has some excellent tips and tools to help each of us grow in this area and work on becoming mentally strong and emotionally fit for the challenges that we face in life. I encourage you to take a listen, and I hope that it is encouraging to you today.

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