From Brokenness & Despair to Restoration and Hope

Recently I had the opportunity to interview John Szydlowski on the Insights for Leading podcast, where we discussed his story. Specifically we talked about a very dark time in his life. A time when his world imploded due to a series of very poor decisions that were rooted deeply in some unhealthy behaviors that formed during his childhood.

In spite of this very difficult season of his life, John has found restoration and hope through it all, and he is now committed to helping others. He has a new passion and sense of purpose.

Maybe you’re going through a challenging time and need to experience some restoration and find hope for the future. This interview might just help you see that it’s possible.

You can listen here:


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Written by Jeremy Couch

Jeremy Couch is a Leadership Architect who helps leaders build thriving cultures. Most recently, he served as Executive Director for Palm Beach Atlantic University-Orlando and an Assistant Professor of Leadership. He is passionate about teaching, writing, consulting, and speaking on topics related to leadership development and organizational health.

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