Want to Fulfill Your Purpose? You Might Need to Take a Step of Faith.

Recently I had the opportunity to interview Robbie Harper of Blue Bridge Public Relations on my Leading Well Podcast, and we talked about his journey of stepping out on his own, taking a risk, and pursuing what he has felt called to do. It was an inspiring and insightful conversation.

If you’ve been feeling held back by your career, like you are not where you are supposed to be, or if you are doing work that is unfulfilling, then this interview could be helpful to you.

And if you have already taken that leap of faith to pursue your purpose and do what you feel called to do, then this interview will probably be an encouragement to you.

Life is short, and finding purpose and meaning in our work is often elusive. This is due in large part to our unwillingness to take risks and put ourselves out there beyond our comfort zone. I am inspired by Robbie’s willingness to lead the way in showing us what it means to step out in faith.

You can watch and listen to the interview here:

Jeremy Couch interviews Robbie Harper on the Leading Well Podcast

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