Free E-Book: Seven Essential Questions Every Organization Must Answer

Recently, I posted a two-part series on creating a “strategic roadmap” for your organization by answering a series of seven essential questions that will help you create clarity, establish priorities, and make better decisions about resource allocation. In order to give you a portable and practical tool to help you with this process, I have a created a short and simple e-book that summarizes these questions and provides you with some tips for answering each of them. This tool is designed to be a starting point in the development of a larger strategic plan for your organization, but I’m confident that this is a great place to start. I hope this resource is helpful to you! To download the e-book, can you access it here: Strategic Roadmap E-book

Please enjoy this free resource and share it with others! All the best on your journey to take your organization and team to a new level of performance and results.

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Written by Jeremy Couch

Dr. Jeremy Couch is a Leadership Architect who helps people accelerate their leadership performance. He is passionate about teaching, writing, consulting, coaching, and speaking on topics related to leadership development and organizational health. He is the owner of Couch Solutions, LLC and Insights for Leading.

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