Tip For Leading Well: Conduct A Humility Check

If you really want to lead others well, then you need to take a moment to conduct a humility check. What’s that? It’s an intentional evaluation of your heart and motives in order to determine if your leadership is all about you, or if it’s about others.

If it’s all about you (self-serving), then I can say with a high degree of confidence that you’re lacking humility in multiple areas.

If it’s all about others (serving), then chances are, you are a person who displays humility on a consistent basis.

So, how do you know if you’re a consistently humble person? How do really know for sure? Since humility is something lived but never claimed (because that wouldn’t be humble), it’s hard to quantify and measure. I get it … it’s difficult to wrap your arms around sometimes.

But I’d like to try and help you by presenting a few questions to consider. Ask yourself these questions . . . the answers will give you a good indicator of your current level of humility, or lack thereof:

1) Do you admit when you’ve made a mistake, or do you make excuses?

2) Do you accept responsibility for your actions, or do you assign blame to others?

3) Do you praise the achievements of others, or do you take all of the credit for yourself?

4) Do you help others realize their full potential, or do you hold them back because they might overshadow you?

5) Do you regularly ask for honest and unfiltered feedback, or do you only seek feedback that will make you feel good?

There are certainly additional questions that will help you in evaluating your level of humility, but these are a great place to start. If you’re honest with yourself, you’ll gain a lot of clarity.

But like anything else, it’s imperative that you allow the information gleaned through this exercise to cause you to take action. Otherwise it’s an exercise in futility.

Evaluate yourself, decide to change, take action, and lead well!

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