In Memory Of My Dad, A True Servant Leader

I haven’t posted in months…I’ve had very little desire to write anything at all. It’s been a tough summer, but it’s time that I get out of my fog.

My dad passed away on June 26th, and I’m still processing this loss. Reflecting. Reliving. Regretting. Lots of emotions.

But the best way for me to move forward is to honor his life and try my best to carry on his legacy of service. He was a true servant leader, not just someone who talked about serving.

In this post I want to share the thoughts that I shared at his memorial service. They articulate what made him such a special person, and they also outline the legacy of servant leadership that I aspire to carry on in my own life. Here they are:

There is simply a no more appropriate or better word to describe SC Couch than SERVANT. It is who he was, how he thought, and what he did. This comes as no surprise to any of you – I know that I’m preaching to the choir. But what was it about SC Couch that enabled him to have such a lasting and significant impact on others? I think it comes down to 7 qualities that he embodied and demonstrated on a daily basis, and it only seems appropriate to identify these qualities using the word SERVANT.

First and foremost, he was SELFLESS. He was always thinking of and putting the needs of others before his own. When Jesus said, “To serve not to be served,” my dad took those words as a commandment, not a suggestion.

He was ENCOURAGING. He would go out of his way to lift someone’s spirits, to share a positive word, to help them see the good even when times were difficult.

And speaking of difficulty, he was also RESILIENT. Whether it was being diagnosed with polio at an early age, facing the realities of spiritual warfare within the church, or dealing with the challenges of starting a ministry without any resources, he always bounced back. He always remained positive and upbeat, believing and trusting in God’s plan. As he often liked to say, he would just “keep on keeping on,” even when times were tough. And that’s exactly what he did.

My dad was VIBRANT. He was full of life, laughter, and enthusiasm. He displayed passion and energy when he preached, he was often very animated when telling stories and jokes, and he cheered very loudly at sporting events—oftentimes to the embarrassment of his children. But it was this fun-loving spirit that made him who he was, and it brought joy to others.

He was AVAILABLE. In a world that is often too busy and selfish for others, he always made time for people. To meet with them, speak with them on the phone, and take time out of his day to help them in their time of need. Even if it meant driving a long distance or cancelling his own plans, he would do so because he always made himself available to others. He was never too busy for people.

He was NURTURING. He wanted to see others grow and develop. Whether it was his children, grandchildren, or the people whom he mentored and led, he invested in them because he wanted to see them get better and realize their full potential.

Lastly, he was THOUGHTFUL. Such a seemingly simple trait, yet one that is often scarce in our society today. He cared enough to write a letter, sent a note of encouragement, make a call, or stop by to visit and pray with someone.

Selfless, Encouraging, Resilient, Vibrant, Available, Nurturing, & Thoughtful.

This is the life of a servant, and this is the legacy of SC Couch.

A legacy is not something to just be admired or praised – it is supposed to be carried on and fulfilled by those that follow. That’s you and me. So, on this day when we pause to remember a man who touched our lives forever, let’s commit to carrying on his legacy of service to God and others. I believe there is no greater way to pay tribute to SC Couch.


  1. Your mom and dad sat right in front of my mother, my husband and I in church for several years at Avon Park Lakes Baptist! There is not a Sunday that went by that SC didn’t extend his hand with a great big smile to all of us! When we didn’t make it on occasion, he would tell us how much he had missed us! He and your Mom both, have been a blessing to so many. I love your post about him…everything single thing you said, describes him to a T! May God comfort you in this great loss and bless you with precious memories of him that are in your heart! Thank you for sharing your own thoughts and heart with us about this great man! Love & Hugs!


  2. Such beautiful words to describe a truly good and kind servant of God! My Uncle was always exactly as you represent him above and a great influence in my life as far back as I can remember. I will always have the memory of him when he married my husband and I on March 9, 1974! We were so blessed to have him there for that. I thank God for my Uncle S.C.


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