Tip for Leading Well: How’s Your Heart?

If you want to lead others well, then one of the most important things you can do is to check the condition of your heart. And I don’t mean physically (although that’s important too!). When I refer to the condition of your heart, I mean spiritually, relationally, and emotionally.

You can either have an caring heart–one that believes the best in people and desires to see them flourish. Or you can have a cold heart–one that is cynical, jaded, and untrusting toward others.

Leaders with a caring heart are open and connected with people. They desire to be authentic and encourage others to be authentic as well.

Leaders with a cold heart are withdrawn and distant from people. They have no desire to enter into authentic relationships.

If you’re not sure about the current condition of your heart toward others, ask yourself some questions:

– Do I care about the people I lead?

– Do I want what is best for them?

– Do I cheer for them when they succeed?

– Am I intentional about connecting with people on a relational level?

– Am I transparent in the way that I communicate?

– Am I keeping my energy bucket full?

Your answers to these questions will help give you an idea of the condition of your heart. If the answers are YES, then the chances are strong that you are leading with a caring heart. But if the answers are mostly NO, then you’re probably leading with a cold heart, and as a result you are not leading well. In fact, you are probably not DOING WELL on an emotional level and need to take some corrective action.

Take some time today to either affirm your heart or correct it. Your ability to lead well depends on it!

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