What happens when a leader cares?

Below I’m going to show you a video that you may have already seen. If you haven’t seen it, you’re in for a real treat. But even if you’ve already seen it, I encourage you to watch it again. Every time I watch it I’m inspired.

In this video, employees of online luxury retailer Net-a-Porter are seen giving their retiring CEO, Mark Sebba, a send-off unlike any other. What strikes me about this event is the amount of planning and attention to detail that would have been required to pull it off. Employees don’t do something like this for leaders that they like—they do it for leaders that they love and who love them.

So, what happens when a leader cares? This is what happens. People show their heartfelt gratitude and appreciation because they want to honor the person who has done so much for them. Based on this video, I would say that Mark Sebba was a great leader who cared for his people.

Should you and I expect a retirement celebration like this? Probably not! However, seeing this should inspire all of us to care for and serve the people with whom we work in a way that will leave a lasting impact on them.

Enjoy and be inspired!

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