If You Left, Would Anyone Care?

If you announced your resignation today, how would people in the organization react? Chances are, they would experience one of the following three emotions:


If they are sad, it’s probably because you are genuinely a good person, you have provided significant contributions to the organization, and you have invested in the lives of the people with whom you work. You have put the needs of others and the success of the organization before your own. Most likely, you have consistently demonstrated the attitude of a servant. Bottom line—people are happy for you, but they are also sad to see you go.


If they are indifferent, then you did not do much to build relationships, but you also did not do much to strain relationships. While you may have been a great contributor to the organization, you missed out on the opportunity to develop meaningful and lasting relationships with others. As a result, people are left with a feeling of apathy about your leaving. Bottom line—you did your job but did not connect relationally.


If they are jubilant, then you have clearly done something to burn bridges, strain relationships, and possibly even scorch the earth around you. Basically, people did not in any way enjoy working with you and felt like you were a detriment to the organization. Morale was lower when you were around, and people were probably walking on eggshells around you because they never knew how you were going to react. Bottom line—people have been dreaming of this day for years.


What is the purpose of this post? To get you thinking about how you are currently viewed within your organization. Know this: how people view you is a direct reflection of how you treat them.

Decide today what kind of legacy you want to leave at work. You will spend most of your waking hours there. Make the most of it and positively impact the people with whom you work.

Focus on the needs of others instead of being self-serving.

Have an attitude that attracts others to you and makes them want to be around you.

Bring out the best in others.

Be a servant.

In the end, people will be sad to see you go, but they will celebrate because of the person you are, the lives you touched, and the lasting impact you made. That is a legacy we should all strive for at work and in life.

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