How Will You Lead This Year?

Every new year presents an opportunity for you as a leader to reflect on the past year and evaluate what you accomplished, how you’ve grown, and who you’ve influenced. But more importantly, it’s an opportunity to renew your commitment to being a leader who makes a positive difference in the lives of other people.

So as you enter this new year, determine how you will lead:

  • Will you inspire, or will you discourage?
  • Will you elevate others, or will you hold them down?
  • Will you share your knowledge, or will you keep it all to yourself?
  • Will you create a healthy work environment, or will you allow dysfunction and discord to exist?
  • Will you take action, or will you just talk about what you’re going to do?
  • Will you have the courage to take risks, or will you only do what is comfortable and safe?
  • Will you release the potential in your team, or will you keep them from growing?
  • Will you focus on what is best for the organization, or will you focus on what is best for you?

Leadership is about intentional influence, but more than anything leadership is a choice. You must choose the type of leader you are going to be—the type of leader that people want to follow, or the type that focuses more on his position that his people.

Make this year your best year of leading yet! The choice is up to you.



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