Why Your Church Needs a Compelling Vision

Vision can be a powerful force for any organization, inspiring people to collectively band together by using their gifts and talents to achieve something great–something bigger than any individual could ever achieve alone. I especially believe that vision can be transformative for churches, where the overarching purpose is (or at least should be) to transform lives and communities. Here is a quote that I think sums up the importance of vision to the church:

“The catalyst for introducing and facilitating change in the local church is a God-honoring, mouthwatering, unambiguously clear vision.” -Andy Stanley (Deep & Wide, p. 270)

Does your church have a vision–a preferred picture of the future? Is it clear? Does it inspire your people to contribute their time and abilities in order to pursue it? If not, take a moment to watch this short video of me speaking on the need to develop a compelling vision. Getting clarity about the long-term vision for your church is essential if you desire to have lasting impact in your local community and ultimately the world.


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