Courageous Leadership Key #4: Commit

Once you have decided to change…to move forward in a different direction, then the fourth part of courageous leadership is to commit. To what? Action.

This is step where most people get stalled because they fail to take action toward their goals. Why? Usually it’s due to fear. Fear of failure. Fear of risk. Fear of inadequacy. There are a lot of fears that hold us back, and they hold us back because we allow them to.

idea-action-chart.jpgCourageous leaders are not absent of fear in their life; however, they are able move forward in spite of those fears. Why? Because they know who they are, where they are going, and what is most important. There is power in clarity, and when you get clear about these three things, you can move forward with decisive action and commitment.

How can you take action that is in line with your core ideology? I like to use 90-day goals, setting one at a time. This helps create focus around the thing that is most important, right now.

1)      Set a 90-day goal that is alignment with your purpose and vision.

2)      Identify 3-4 key objectives that will help you achieve this goal.

3)      List 3-4 actionable items that can be implemented to achieve your objectives.

4)      Use metrics to measure progress toward your objectives & your goal.

5)      Do this every 90 days.

That’s it! Write it down somewhere and review it daily to help keep you on track.

Watch part four of my talk on courageous leadership to learn more about how to take decisive action and move forward with courage.

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