Courageous Leadership Key #3: Change

Change … there’s that word. Not too many people enjoy the process of going through change. But that’s exactly what courageous leaders do—embrace change.

After confronting their current reality, they take the time to make changes that will positively impact their lives and help them achieve their goals. They understand that change is necessary in order to grow and move beyond their current circumstances.

Change often involves “clearing the clutter”—getting rid of those things that hinder personal growth. An unhealthy relationship. A bad habit. Too many commitments. Complacency. Apathy. Confronting someone.

Whatever it is, change often involves one of two things: making a challenging decision or having a difficult conversation. Neither of these sounds desirable, and that’s why they require courage.

If you are going to lead with courage, it is imperative that you learn to embrace change. I spoke about this component of courageous leadership in a recent talk. You can watch it below:

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