Servant Leadership Qualities #5 and #6

This week I will be highlighting the next two qualities of a servant leader: Persuasion & Conceptualization.

First is persuasion. Traditional authoritarian leaders use their position and power to make decisions for the organization and employees.  Servant leaders do not emphasize either position or power because their goal is not to coerce people to carry out their commands. Instead, a servant leader focuses on building consensus among the group through persuasion. This is easier to accomplish because a servant leader has the respect of his followers. Think about a servant leader that you have followed. Although they may have had an organizational position or authority over you, they did not hold that over your head. I bet they persuaded you to follow their decisions because you respected them and how they treated their followers. Servant leaders can effectively persuade because people trust and believe in them.

Second is conceptualization. This quality of a servant leader is all about envisioning the future and conceptualizing what might become of the organization. A servant leader dreams great things for his people and the organization he leads because he wants the best for everyone. Being able to move beyond the daily grind and tasks that often bog down leaders and managers can be a difficult task. The servant leader does this though. The previous quality, persuasion, plays an important role in conceptualization because the servant leader must persuade others to follow the vision and dream that he has conceived for the organization. Servant leaders effectively look beyond their present circumstances to envision a future that they desire to make a reality, not only in their lives, but also in the lives of others.

Do you have a difficult time persuading others? Perhaps your leadership skills need some work, especially in the area of servant leadership.

Are you able to conceptualize what the future should look like for yourself? Others? Your organization? If the answer is no, then your leadership ability is lacking. You need to spend some time thinking about vision and how to conceptualize one.

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