Hot Jobs for the Next Decade

Here are some projections about hot jobs for the next 10 years. All require some level of higher education, with most requiring at least a bachelor’s degree. Position yourself for a new career opportunity by advancing your education today!

Fastest Growing Occupations

Infographic by


  1. This info graphic is very informative. It is clear what futuer employees will need to accomplish before obtaining any kind of job. I was surprised how far ahead nursing is compared to everything else, but it makes sense. I was equally surprised to see clergy listed. It just was not an occupation I would expect to see on a chart of this nature. Great post!


    1. Amanda, it is very informative and should be quite helpful to those people looking for a job that is in-demand. I was also surprised about that category! Thanks for sharing your insights.


  2. With all the talk about healthcare and education it comes as no surprise that these types of jobs are projected to grow. The one that stands out for me is the “Hairstylist and Cosmetology”. If you were to guess, what do you think would be the economic driver behind growth in this industry?


    1. Lou, that’s a good question. I did a little research ( and found that employment in this field is expected to grown by 20 percent through 2018! According to the site, much of the increased need is due to population growth, along with the need to replace workers who have moved on to new industries or retired. I would not have expected that much growth in this sector. Also, perhaps more people are paying attention to their appearance and utilizing the services of these professionals.

      Thanks for your comment!


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