Arrogance Has No Place In Leadership

As I look at leaders in our society today, I am constantly reminded of how quickly people can become consumed with their position and power. Ego, arrogance, and vanity quickly consume them. They lose site of reality, except that which they have created for themselves, where they are the center of the universe and can do as they please.

This attitude is especially prevalent in politics, where so-called leaders ignore the will of their constituents in order to push their own agenda. Unfortunately, many of these people are able to remain in power, answer to no one, and make millions of dollars over their lifetime as a result of their position and power. But one thing will be missing in the end… respect. No one respects a person in a place of leadership who is arrogant and egotistical. Eventually they will become irrelevant because their attitude of arrogance has become so repulsive. They don’t care about people, and people don’t care about them.

How are you leading today? Have you checked your ego at the door? If not, you need to get your heart right and undergo a major attitude shift. Being a leader means putting the interests of the organization, its employees, and its customers BEFORE yours. Remember, a true leader is one who serves others, not someone who demands others to serve him.

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