The Four L’s of Building Relationships with Customers

There are four things that any company can do to improve its relationships with customers and ultimately improve the perception and satisfaction those customers have with the company. They are the four L’s: listen, learn, look, and lead.

  • Listen – you must listen to what your customers are saying because they are your greatest source of feedback. Simply taking time the time to listen to your customers will go a long way with them.
  • Learn – take the time to learn more about who your customers are and why they value doing business with your company. In the process, you will establish a bond that will lead to more loyal customers.
  • Look – be proactive and always look for ways to improve your service to customers. Too many companies are reactive, instead of looking ahead and thinking of ways exceed customer expectations.
  • Lead – be a leader in customer service. This may require taking risks and applying some nontraditional approaches, but customers appreciate a company that is willing to challenge the status quo in order to better serve them and meet their needs.


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